Creative Media

Have a vision that is sky high? We create creative media to help film an advert to launch that vision.

Thanks to major advances in technology within the drone industry, you no longer need a big budget to capture cinematic Hollywood footage.

From a brief skyline shot to set the scene to a overhead chase scene we can capture those dramatic shots to film an advert to create a sense of involvement from the ground, to 400 feet and everywhere in between

Unless directed otherwise, we will record in 4k UHD, not only will the footage captured look great, if its being used for social media, it can be down scaled to 1080p easily.

If you already have your editors organised, we are happy to liaise directly with them to ensure they receive the footage in the format that fits with the rest of the project they are working on.

Below are a couple of creative media videos we have created during our training flights our 2020 Showreel is currently in production and on the way shortly

Check out our Showreels page or Youtube Channel too